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2018 Class schedule

Class Schedule 2018

Gentle Beginner Yoga: Group Classes 

yoga relaxation

All classes are by Preregistration only

  • Monday Evenings         7.15 pm – 8.15 pm     Yoga and relaxation (8 class winter sessions start Jan 8th, 2018)
  • Wednesday Mornings    10.30 am – 11.30 am  Yoga sessions
  • Friday Mornings            10.30 am -11.30 am   Yoga 

All our classes are gentle and beginner and very therapeutic in nature. Learn to heal in mind and body to release stress with authentic traditional and therapeutic yoga techniques customized to your specific needs. For young adults, adults and seniors.


Yoga- Pranayama for relaxation By Pratibha Jani.wmv

Yoga- Pranayama for relaxation By Pratibha Jani.wmv

Three simple and easy to do breathing techniques to help relax mind and body and to release Stress. For more visit:

Blog Aatmayog.wordpress.com
Website: http://www.aatmayog.com
Videos: Youtube.com/aatmayog channel Pratibha Jani (Yoga playlist)