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Relaxation and Stress Management

A healthy mind nurtures a happy and healthy body. As we all know, having balance in life is the most important part of a Human life.
In order to attain this balance we need synchronization between our body, mind and soul.
Various techniques of relaxation and meditation are one of the best ways to achieve this peace of mind.
Best times to practice just before or as sunrise, just before or at sunset, at night before going to bed. Please make
sure you have not had anything to eat or drink at least an hour or two before meditation.

  • A small, QUIET, clean and almost empty room/corner/area (not too much light-or just draw the shades down).
  • A small Asana to sit on.
  • Have an intention to practice relaxation.                                                       
  • Be in the present during the practice.
  • Resolve to try and not to judge yourself or others during practice

Practice under the guidance of a  well qualified teacher
A good time to practice relaxation would be 20 to 30 minutes. After this we try to get into Meditation.

Happy Meditation.

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