Disturbing trend: booze and Yoga classes

Sad sad cominbinations of YOGA must be stopped by real authentic insructors/believers and practitioners of YOGA

Thanks for bringing this to a blog post.
People always ask what kind of yoga I teach. I am always so speechless at this question. Yoga is YOGA.
However,since yoga is gaining more and more health benefits/popularity, all the commercial minded ones are trying to make every buck they possibly can at any cost. They will not stop at combining the word YOGA to literally anything and everything. Really, really sad. I have also seen people using yoga class to get people to the wine tasting events.
OMG! the word yoga – if people truly learn and understand the traditional authentic and main source of this knowledge and wisdom is to get away from these things. WE don’t need special branding of clothes, or props or accessories for yoga. BE as simple as possible, Keep the least possible things you need, this is the core basic foundation knowledge to be learned and followed.
Yet here we are using the word YOGA for anything and everything to make a buck for ourselves. HOW very very sad. It is just way too low cheap dirty and plain wrong.
I have even seen yoga classes running in such bad combinations it feels dirty even to think about it. Almost to a point of do what you want under the name of yoga. When celebrities start doing this it is truly shameful to see how our HUMAN society and culture and the moral and ethical values of us as human beings will go any length to make a buck, and how we are just going down hill instead of rising up with YOGIC knowledge, wisdom.
This is exactly why the ancient rishis(wise men/women) did not want to freely distribute the knowledge to all in general unless and until the student truly worked for it, deserved it and showed all signs of deserving of this knowledge being imparted. All under the name of freedom. SOme how the true believers of Yoga have to do something to stop this madness and downhill trend to let yoga be associated to with everything that is is exactly opposite of.


Home Yoga Practice

There are plenty of yoga “blends” out there now that the practice is becoming mainstreamed in Western culture. There is Stand Up Paddle Yoga, Yoga with weights, spinning class yoga, the list is tireless. At least these yoga strains are working toward a healthy end. But now things have taken a turn for the worse: the proliferation of combining alcohol with yoga practice.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 8.31.37 AM

Ty Ku Sake has a new campaign #ApresYoga which is a spinoff on the Apres Ski where after a nice day of skiing, there is an unwinding which involves a hot tub and alcohol. They make it sound “fun”: do yoga and drink up. The only problem is that Yoga is supposed to be a practice of awareness and not to be combined with substance use (yes alcohol is considered a substance).

As I have been blogging for a while, I am aware that there is a…

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