Aatmayog- Practice authentic true traditional YOGA

Aatmayog- Practice authentic true traditional YOGA

I truly wish that we practice Yoga in it’s true sense and not as a gym or a physical exercise class and Please  let’s not make YOGA promotional marketing tool to make more money or just to get into a profit /money making business by creating brands around it and products to work or do yoga with or clothing lines or props…please please keep yoga as a true real  a healthy life style and in fact does not need a lot of different props or clothing or bunch of must haves for yoga. YOGA is meant to enhance your life from inside out. It is suppossed to be a simple inexpensive and truly healthy lifestyle to make you a better person from inside and outside from body and mind and within(spirit) Please try to follow this YOGA. All you need is a simple pair of loose fitting clothes, eat simple healthy food  and keep your mind very positive to start with. All else falls in place.


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