Yoga Utkatasana Chair Pose 1 and 2 By Pratibha Jani

Yoga Utkatasana Chair Pose 1 and 2 By Pratibha Jani

Yoga-Utkatasana (Chair Pose 1 and 2) By Pratibha Jani.wmv
Utkatasana 1
keep one and a half feet distance between the two feet.
back and head is straight look at the tip of your fingers and gently go down only bending your
knees. Only as far as your body is comfortable. Please listen to your body first. Only
go as far as you are comfortable. Like I always say, if you’re hurting, it’s not Yoga.
Three rounds would be ideally good to start with.
Utkatasana 2
stay on your toes, and gently go down as much as your body would let you go. Stay for three breaths if
possible. Do three rounds if you can. Please listen to your body. Be kind and gentle to your body and work with your breath. Remember to be in sync with your breath.
Health Benefits:
Strengthens knees, calf muscles, hamstrings, heels,toes,lower limbs, and lower back. Aides in Digestion
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By Pratibha Jani
Blog: By Pratibha Jani


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