Home made yogurt (Why and How to make) By Pratibha Jani.wmv

Taking care of your Mind and Body together is YOGA as we all know.

Here is one way Yoga and ayurveda believes in cunsuming fresh home made yogurt. check this out.

Home Made Yogurt. (Why and How to) By Pratibha Jani

In Yoga we believe, it si best to Consume yogurt within  10 to 12 hours of its preparation is considered best quality and healthiest type of yogurt (In gujrati we call it Moru Dahi) which is not over sour yogurt

This is also best for joint pains, arthritis etc.

Bring non fat milk to a full boil. (Very Important Note:  Before pouring milk in the pot,

make sure to rinse the pot and keep it water wet at the bottom. This will ensure that the milk does not stick at the bottom as it boils). Bring it to a luke warm temperature, not completely cooled off to make sure it is still luke warm as you are adding the culture.

(To start the first batch you can use a table spoon of store bought non fat plain yogurt for culture).

Cover and Gently place in the oven under a pilot oven or keep your oven light on for 8 to 10 hrs in winter (cold weather locations.  In summer or warm climate locations leave it on shelf for 4 to 5 hours and it should be perfectly done.  Remove in a slice pattern for use as and when needed. Try to finish within 12 to 24 hours and make new batches for at least every other day for best health.

Enjoy and Share.

For more youtube videos  subscribe to: youtube.com/Aatmayog Channel  Pratibha Jani  Blog: pratibhajanisvegetarianrecipes.wordpress.com


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