Hello world!

Hello EveryOne,

I am Pratibha Jani, originally from Western India, Mumbai I have made the eastern United Sates as my home  for the past 25 plus years.

My passion is  sanskrit chants, shlokas, sanskrit and gujarati  prayers, Yoga according to the traditional patanjali’s yoga sutras, Pranayaam, Meditation, Relaxation and Vegetarian Indian cooking. Though I have shared my knowledge and passion of the country of my heritage,culture and values with my own two children as best I can, I feel there are many others who can possibly use this for themselves and /or for their family and friends. Especially for the generation that is born in the western world, some times it is hard to find the meanings, translations and transliterations of the most popular daily life style day to day activities and even harder to find time to sit down and teach them what with all the overloaded after school activities that always take priorities.

Periodically  I would be posting some audios,videos on these topics to make an humble attempt to share some of my passion with this blog and hope you can enjoy the same  and share with others.


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